Firefly Papillon's and Phalene's
Christine (Chris) and Les Hutchinson
Hi and welcome to our website. We are Chris and Les Hutchinson and we live in Bethpage, TN. We live on 2 arces so our guys have plenty of room to run and play. We are a small show/breeder of only Papillon's and Phalene's. We fell in love with the breed when we got our male Gizmoe in July 2001. He brought us so much joy and laughter into our lives we had to spread the joy of having the best pet in the world.

 In 2011 we started to show our Papillon's in AKC conformation and have fallen in love with it.

 All our puppies are born and raised in our home. They are pre-spoiled and very well socialized before going to their new family. All puppies are guarantee for 2 year against genetic defect and I will always take a puppy back if for some reason you can not keep your new baby.

 Lively and elegant, the Papillon pleases the eye - and the heart.

 Grooming - Brush weekly, and trim hair between paw pads as needed
 Height/weight - 8 to 11 inches, about 5 to 10 pounds
 Life Span - 14 to 16 years

 Trainability - High
 Activity level - High to moderate
 The Papillon is a small, friendly, elegant toy dog with a fine boned structure. He is light and dainty, yet still lively, and is distinguished from other breeds by his beautiful, butterfly-like ears. They are known to be happy and alert little dogs that are not shy or aggressive. The breed must be either parti-color or white with patches of any color.

 A Look Back
 Papillons, which used to only have large, drooping ears, were known in the 16th and 17th centuries as Dwarf Spaniels and were often depicted on the laps of French and Spanish noblewomen. Over time, an erect-eared type, fringed as to resemble the ears of a butterfly, developed (Papillon means "butterfly" in French). In the United States, Papillons (erect-eared) and Phalenes (drop-eared) can be born in the same litter and are shown together as one breed.

 Right Breed for You?
 Papillons are a happy breed whether living in an apartment, out in the country or anywhere in between. They love to play outdoors, but they can be easily entertained and exercised indoors as well. Because they don’t have an undercoat, they don’t require a lot of grooming but should still be brushed regularly.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

 The Phalène is the drop-eared version of the Papillon, a toy breed also known as the Butterfly Dog or the Continental Toy Spaniel (Epagneul Nain Continental).


 The Phalène is the earliest form of the Papillon; the appearance of the erect-eared variety was not documented until the 16th century, by which time the Phalène had been portrayed in numerous paintings, particularly in portraits of the wealthy by Old Masters and their students. Belgium, France, Spain, and Italy have all been credited with the creation or development of Butterfly Dogs. The Papillon gained popularity after the turn of the nineteenth century.

 By the middle of the 20th century, the Papillon’s popularity had far outstripped that of the Phalène, which sank low enough into obscurity to become endangered. Fortunately, the breed had its fanciers and did not slip into extinction. At some point the variety was named phalène, or ‘night moth’.

The 21st century has seen a revival of interest in the Phalène, with its fanciers pointing out that in countries where it is judged together with the Papillon, judges must be familiar enough with the breed standard to appreciate the qualities of a well-bred Phalène, and not confuse its dropped ears with those of a semi-erect eared Papillon, which would suggest a conformation fault.


 The Phalène is considered a variant of the Papillon in the AKC, where they are registered as Papillons and shown and judged in the same classes. The breed standard is the same with the exception of the dropped ear, which does not sit as low on the head as that of other spaniel types. In nations where clubs follow the guidelines of the FCI, the Phalène is considered a separate breed.
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